Pandit Ajay Gautam

Religious & Social Activist

“A Glance on Profile of Pandit Ajay Gautam”

Founder of Hum Hindu , Spokes Persons of HH Shankarchrya Swami Sh. Sewropanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj, Hindu Mahasabh, Writter of book named Sai Ka Seach, Sai ka “Asat” Charitra, Producer of Documentary named
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About Us

The Hum Hindu in short (HH) is established by Pt. Ajay Gautam with aim and objective of welfare, unity and protection of Hindus against the policy and politics of minority appeasement and marginalization of Hindus , HH is contributing in religious, social and national issues in public, media as well as in Courts for the purpose of religious and social welfare of origin Citizens of India.

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Hum Hindu has Started a movement of ‘Justice for Ram Janm Bhumi’ by launching Click here for Read more