About Us

About Us

Acharya Ajay Gautam founded Hum Hindu on 30th January 2015 at Balaji Puram, at Betul in Madhya Pradesh against politics of Muslim appeasement as above, with the sole objective of complete Swaraj, absolute Hindu Rashtra, H.H. was inaugurated by Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati Sharkaracharya of Jyotish Peeth with his grace is Dharm Sansad. Today in many Muslim majority areas volunteers of H.H. are active and are engaged with their respective competence and ability in accomplishment of the objective of the Institution. H.H. Institution has established its identity and its activities on national and international _ within a short period of 3 years.

About Acharya Ajay Gautam

Acharya Ajay Gautam , Support Hindutva Movement


(1) IN case you are willing to render your services to the Institutions as being dedicated to Policies and objects of the Institution and as a volunteer and want to promote and further the activities of the institution by associating with it as it member this form may be downloaded and sent by E-mail Post.

(2) Send your complaint: In case your any complaint is not being attended to by the Government and you are also suffering any hardship or problem because of appeasement you may send your complaint. We would forward your complaint to the proper department through proper channel and try to get its redressal and you would be informed of the action taken on it from time to time.

(3) Find H.H. in your State: – In case you want to find out about the volunteer or office in your state or near about your residence you may enquire from us.

(4) Help and support to H.H.:- Adequate means are required to conduct a campaign and an institution Acharya Ajay Gautam has been running the institution on his own costs and capacity for last four years and in case you endorse the Activities and policies of the Institution and intend to provide any kind of financial and other assistance to the institution you may contact Hum Hindu on the given address.