Azam Khan

Azam Khan

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has kicked up yet another political storm by saying that India won the Kargil War solely because of Muslim soldiers and no Hindu soldier was behind the victory.

Azam Khan was Addressing a rally in Ghaziabad, the senior Uttar Pradesh minister while asking “Hindus brothers” to embrace Muslims, said,”…isliye mohabbat karo ki Kargil ki pahadiyo ko fateh karne wala koi Hindu nahi tha, balki Kargil ki pahadiyo ko nara-e-takbeer Allah-Hu-Akbar kehkar fathe karnewale Musalman fauji the… (Love us because peaks of Kargil were not conquered by Hindus, but by Muslim soldiers raising the battle cry of God is the Greatest).”

Azam Khan is a same person who made offensive and derogatory remarks time to time against the sentiments of Hindu Community by saying that BHARAT MATA DAYEN HAE etc.

Now in election of march 2017 the Samajwadi party step down from the chair and thrown by U.P. voters and they replied through their votes to Azam Khan in a appropriate way and took account of each and every word said by him due to appeasement politics

In this concern Hum Hindu Filed a Petition before Ministry of Home and Affairs and matter is still pending before Concern authority