Constitution of illegal mosques

Constitution of illegal mosques and its misuse

You would find such mosques and Darghas in the middle of Road Janpath, facing Samsad Bhawan, near India Gate which are built in the middle of roads. But no Government can dare remove the same in the name of Public Sentiments. Even inside the premises of Delhi H.C. along the Gate No. 5 of D.H.C. there existed remains of the Period of Shershah, wherein one or two Judges of the High Court started praying Namaz and by and by a mosque was built inside the premises of Delhi High Court by way of Encroachment and full pledged religious practice began to work under the authority of High Court. It increased to the extent that on every Friday hundreds of Muslims come and pray Nazaz there and ever the _which is in offence has __ to operate inside premises of High Court. as a result the _ for underground water has been carried and the fencing of that area has been created and additional walls have been created. When all this can happen within the knowledge of Delhi High Court the position at other places can be easily comprehended. There was no prophet Mohammad and the mosque wherein Prophet Mohammad used to _ Namaz has been demolished by Tenth Nabi and moreover these days in rest of Islamic countries the mosques are shifted from one place to the other in order to widen the roads. However, in India on simple __ to do so the Islam becomes in danger. And then __ illiterates come on the road and make an attempt even to demolish Amar Jawan Jyoti. In most of the mosques excepting teaching of Islam all things are done. Freedom slogans are made from Kashmir mosques. S.D.M. was shot from Kanpur mosque and from Delhi Jama Masjid appeals are issued sometimes to vote for congress and sometimes for B.S.P. And in the mosque built inside premises of Delhi High Court all the laws are violated whether in the name of boring or in the name of begging.

We (H.H.) have filed the W.P. No. 7976/2014 before Delhi High Court against the religious practice operating within the premises of High Court and against the encroachment and political Misuse of the Jama Masjid and against the religious buildings raised by encroachment on the Govt. land in which the encroachment from the Mosque of Delhi High Court and the begging, boring , encroachment . have been stopped/ removed .