Sai Baba @ Chand Miya

Sai Baba @ Chand Miya A planed Conspiracy against Sanatan Dharma

A Muslim blanket beggar , who spent his whole life in Mosque by chanting Allah Malik , reading Kuran and by performing Islamic rituals , who throughout his life Criticized fasting, holly Ganga, Cow, Hindu classical text and Hindu religious Practices , who was accused of provoking anti Hindu sentiments, who was master of forgery and magical remedies, now he turned into a New God of Hinduism for last decade by the help of false fabricated , misleading and misguided stories created on name of Sai Baba @ Chand Miya and these are telecasting and publishing by paid media and which becomes a serious threat to Hindu religion and Hindu religious practice , the people those are worshiping idol of god and tomb of Sai similarly don’t aware about the facts of Sai Baba @ Chand Miya even 99% followers of Sai Baba don’t aware about this fact that Sai Baba was born Muslim and Died Muslim even his 99 % followers do not read the book named SAI SAT CHARITRA which published by Shirdi Sai Sanstha where in its clearly proved that Sai Baba was a Muslim Blanket beggar/Fakir and above allegation itself proved in said book.

In this Regard Hum Hindu Filed a Complaint case through its founder Pt. Ajay Gautam in the Patiala house courts for demanding ban/ Restriction on Sai Satcharitra and on every book in which the name of Sai baba added, fabricated and mixed in Mantras, , pictures and prayers of Hindu Religion etc .

That The Pt. Ajay Gautam has written two books on Sai baba @ Chand Miya named SAI KA SACH and SAI KA ‘A’ SAT CHARITRA to expose Sai Baba and un weal the conspiracy behind this entire issues.

*That The Pt. Ajay Gautam has made A Documentary on Sai baba @ Chand Miya to expose him and un weal the conspiracy behind this entire issues named SAI KA SACH.*

Promo of Sai Ka Sach

Hum Hindu has been running a moment named SEWACH DHERM ABHIYAAN ( Sai Mukt Sanatan Dherma) , In Media , in society as well as other fronts in various Courts of Country.