Hate Mongers And Hindu critics

Hate Mongers And Hindu critics

the definition of freedom of expression and its restrictions are different for both, Hindus and Muslims. We do not claim this. The truth before us says so – Kamlesh Tiwari an official of Hindu Mahasabha at Lucknow when expressed something about Prophet Mohammad he was detained in Jail for 9 months against which demonstration were held from Malada to Purnia. Properties of Hindus were set in fire and the statement made by Kamlesh Tiwari the legislation against abuse of God was demanded and under that law Kamlesh Tiwari should be Hanged in public. It went to the extent that even after Kamlesh Tiwari had been sent to judicial custody (Jail) violent demonstrations were held from Rajasthan to U.P. from West Bengal to Bihar continuously now, this picture has another aspect to. On 21st December 2012, Akbaraddin Owaisi MLA from A.I.M.M. disregarded not only Hindu Gods and deities they threatened to launch a war against Hindus and integrity of India and they went on the extent that take the Police for just 15 minutes and you would find who rules the country. It is a different _ that the Police was taken off for just 5 minutes in Gujrat for which Muslims still cry. It is interesting to note when the matter was moved before the Court this Shekh chilli made as statement before the Court that he was under the influence of a Jinn and Jinn that Jinn made him to that. In this regard _ (H.H.) filed a case u/s. 156/3 of Cr.P.C. before the K.K.D. Court, which was tagged with all other cases pending at Hyderabad and to the same was transferred to Hyderabad and that case is at the stage of evidence.

In this connection, Asaduddin Owaisi, alias elder Shekh Chilli M.P. Lok Sabha the elder brother of this Shekh Chilli said on 14 June 2014 after the govt. of Narendra Modi came into Power that the Govt. of dogs has come to power at the centre, Hindus have come to be perished and we have come to destroy them and that Hindus should be crushed. Thereon we fought this case for 9 months and lodged F.I.R. No. 166 /2014 with P.S. Farsh Bazar under non bailable Sections under the order of the Court against this elder ShekhChilli But Delhi Police who have lifted, detained and killed general and innocent people could not dare arrest them and this Police filed the Untraced Report before the Court as there is B.J.P. Government at the Centre and AI M.M. reduced the Muslim votes of Congress, S.P., BSP in favour of B.J.P. and acts as a B. Team of B.J.P. therefore _ officers of __ Police who are expert in bribery against whom the complaints more than the complaints against the Police of all India are lodged they could not dare interrogate him residing at Delhi though Asadduddin Owaisi had an official accommodation at Ashoka Road, New Delhi. At present this case is pending before Court at Karkarduma Court No. 35.

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