Hindu God and Goddess on Social Media

abuse of Hindu God and Goddess on Social Media

These platform of Facebook, Whatsaap, Twitter, Social Media against disregard to Hindu Religion and Hindu deities on social media have become safe place for coward people where they easily escape by expressing themselves, whose name is not real nor their identity is real, their only aim is alike coward and __persons as to how insult the deities of other religions and best objectionable pictures, post and message and disappear, things can be tolerated to a limited extent and things may be ignored to a limited extent. But many _ such a situation arises that you cannot ignore the extents and things even if you want to and you at least do such things as are within your competence. Further, incapable Government and Administration would do little. knowing this also you make your efforts as the abuse and insult has been committed to Hindu Religion. However, if the matter had belonged to any other religion the Police would have perhaps taken action and Rasuka would have been informed against offenders. In the year 2014 such circumstances arose when pictures and posts continued to __ in against Hindu Deities on F.B. After a limit the FIR No. 371/2015 dated.01.06.2015 u/s..295A , Sec. 66F,67 of IT Act. was registered with P.S. Keshev Puram against persons anonymous and no arrest till date and as always investigation in continued.