Consistency and purity of Ganga

Consistency and purity of Ganga

The Mother Ganga brought on earth by Bhagiratha the king from Ikshvaku Dynasty with hard of Tapasya (ascetic fervor) to get release of his ancestors, is now waiting for its own release. The life line of 40 crores of people flowing across seven states is today crying for its own life. The Ganga relentlessly praised and commanded in Vedas and Puranas has now become the means of carrying sewage of towns and cities. The Ganga Maa consistently flowing from Gomukh to the Ganga Sagar, when reaches plains after leaving mountains becomes victim of pollution process. In the name of cleansing Ganga Crores of Rupees have been digested by different governments, its corrupt Ministers and Bureaucrats but the Ganga could not the cleaned. Even the Supreme Court of India in playing the role of Dhrata Rastra. There was no expectation or a hope from the Congress and even BJP has been following the course of Congress and going the congress way. Sh. Narendra Modi P.M. when declared himself as the son of Ganga in the year 2014 and assigned the job of cleaning Ganga to Ms. Uma Bharati who is a self proclaimed sanyasin a false hope was left that Ganga might be now cleaned. However, like Congress BJP also en cashed the issue of Ganga. Mr. Nitin Gadkari talks of saving money by operating a ship (Vessel) in the Ganga Waters. But the issue of cleaning Ganga is not realized by the Ganga Putra, ( Sh. Narendra Modi ) nor by the Sanyasin Uma Bharati nor by money saver Nitin Gadkari. I have repeatedly raised the point or to when would Uma Bharati come forward for Jal Samadhi as she had promised to do on her failure to clear Ganga. However, leaders are after all leaders whether Pappu or Phenku, all are after Notes and Votes and not Ganga.

We succeeded in getting certain orders passed by High Court of Uttrakhand for cleansing the Ganga as no solid sewage would be dropped in Ganga and to make it mandatory to install sewage treatment plant in each Hotel. Dharmshala and Commercial Building. But the inefficient Governments moved to challenge even such matters in Supreme Court. at present This matter is pending before the High Court of Uttrakhand at Nanital.

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