Swaraj and Hindu Rashtra

Complete Swaraj and Hindu Rashtra

In the year 1947, when the whole country was one United India, it was divided into Pakistan and India on the ground of religion. More than 30 lakh Hindus were killed in Pakistan and crores of people had to mobilize from one place to other which is still kwon as the biggest Human mobilization. At the time of Partition Pakistan had 27% Hindus and Sikhs which have now reduced to less than 1%. On the other hand, in India Muslims were 4% which have now increased to 20%, and they have nurtured the dream of Hindustan becoming a Islamic Nation. It was the biggest sad part of Partition that Hindus could not leave Pakistan and Muslims of Hindustan did not shift to Pakistan therefore this partition was meaningless. The question is when Pakistan was formed for Muslims India should have been for Hindus. However, actual position was otherwise. Pakistan was formed and population of Muslims in India increased in a manner quicker than hunger, unemployment in the country and terrorism increased as well for which pro-muslim Mahatma Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru were responsible. As a result of the seeds sown by them now India is facing several types of problems. The Constitution of India contained a word secular (Panth Nirapeksh) which was replaced by the word secular (Dharm Nirapeksh). When over 90 Amendments have taken place in a Constitution – its spirit is lost. There are several countries in the world where more than 50% population is having faith in a particular religion it is declared as the country of that Religion as when Pakistan come into existence there were 65% muslims there even than it was declared as Islamic Nation and 90% population of India were Hindus even then it was formed as a secular nation. It was a cruel mockery with the spirit of this Nation. Nathu Ram Godse got rid Bharat Mata of Pain by killing M.K. Gandhi who resorted to hunger strike for the claim of Rs.65 crores to be given to Pakistan. Otherwise this Gandhi would have gone on hunger strike to hand over Kashmir and Punjab to Pakistan. To call a lean and thin, coward and timid taking a recourse of Pretense of Charkha spinning and taking goat milk and killer of 30 lakh Hindus as father of nation (Rastra Pita) is a gross insult not of this Nation only but of Bharat Mata i.e. Mother India and a few of our blind and deaf Judges consider him as father of nation.

We are of the view that none is about the nation. We have faith in Rastramata and conduct her Vandana (Prayer). In case Gandhi is Rastra Pita whether Kasturba is Rastramata. Whether Sohan Lal accepting Islam is Rastra Putra (son of Nation) ? Why do certain Hind and deaf Judges enjoying privileges and sitting in the chair of a Judge under Judiciary through collegiums system call him as Rastra Pita ? Only they know.

We Hindus resolve that India become a Hindu Nation and except Hindus nobody should have a right to vote nor should have a right purchase and sell a property and in practice no Hindus should have a deal and transaction business, do labour work, nor should purchase or sell any vegetables cloths etc. and consequently one day this country would automatically become total Swaraj and Total Hindu Rastra.

-Jai Hindu Rastra-