Ram Setu

Due to policy and politics of minority appeasement, UPA Government filed an affidavit in Supreme Court of India in august 2008 by stating that there is no existence of lord Ram therefore Government has no objection to demolish RAM SETU.

Ram Setu, in which , Hindus believe that was the bridge Lord Ram built to cross over to Lanka, The groups say the Sethusamudram shipping canal project, which proposes building a shipping canal between India and Sri Lanka, would destroy the Setu. The petitioners claim Lord Rama and his army built the Setu to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Maa Janki , The Centre has appointed a six-member committee to examine if an alternative route for the Sethusamudram project can be taken to save the Setu. The court was awaiting the report of the six-member committee; The Sethusamudram project.

Hum Hindu was raised these questions in media, public as well as in Court that if there is no existence of lord Ram then why was Rajiv Gandhi opened doors of Ram Lala temple in Ayodhya in 1986? Than Why has HEY RAM engraved on SEMADHI of MEHATMA GANDHI at Raj Ghat ? Why has been whole Country singing the BHAJAN at every moment “RAGHUPATI RAGHEV RAJA RAM PATIT PAVEN SITA RAM” ??

A moment was run by Hum Hindu in media, among public at large and also filed some relevant documents in appropriate Court in support of our petition and UPA Government turn back from its illegal stands/decision on Ram Setu

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