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Protection of Cow

gow mata

Protection of Cow ( Gow Mata)

Protection of Cow

Demand for a provision of Glacier land and to enact a Central Legislation to impose a complete ban throughout Nation on Cow slaughter: If, after independence hatred between Hindus and Muslims has been spread for a single creature that is Gowmata. Gowmata has been the bone of contention and score of revenge whenever muslims have shown their hatred towards Hindus and the means of their revenge – whether occasion has been the sacrifice of a cow on Eid Festival or Occasional Killings of cows. The muslims who were not capable to face openly would resort to cow killings in order to torture Hindus. And during these 70 years this position has been worsening. If the politics of appeasement has caused biggest loss to anyone next to Hindus it is Gowmata. Samajwadi Government of Uttar Pradesh which gave the sum of Rs.50 lacs 3 flats and a Government Service to the family of Akhalaque the killer of a cow, the Congress Party which had once the party symbol of cow and a calf slaughtered openly a calf in Kerala and arranged a Beef Party and besides all of the P.M. of BJP, Gangaputra, who offered the fodder personally to a cow in a Gowshala could not avoid the politics of appeasement. In order to appease a particular community he stated that 80% Gow Rakshaks are goondas. Thereon we issued a legal notice to the Principal Servant requiring him to state the figures. Then he claimed 80% Gowrakshas as Goonda elements. He like Man Mohan has kept quiet and after correspondence for six months under RTI the reply came that there was no official figures so as to say that 80% cow protectors were bad elements. No figures are available. P.M. made a statement on the team of official and unofficial input. Thereafter we sent a Petition Letter to the P.M.O. to take steps for proper protection of cow to make a provision for a Gowchar land for cows which had been sold out jointly by officers and leaders and fodder was digested by some jointly, and also to provide for a land to bury dead cows without amputating any of their limbs, which had received no response from P.M.O. we are now making preparations to move Delhi High Court or Supreme Court in future to frame a Central Legislation banning Gow hatya in the whole Bharat Varsha i.e. India.

Click here for read letter petition/ Notice to the Prime Minister for irresponsible statement with regard to Gau Rakshak.

Click here for read letter petition to the Prime Minister for protection of Cow, Gauchar Bhumi, graveyard for burial of Gau Mata.

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